Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Worst work out ever

ORN: Track night, 6 miles SLOW. I don't even want to talk about it. It was so hot and humid my body couldn't cool itself. Probably should have bagged the whole thing. We were supposed to do 10x500 with 300 recoveries; I did the first five then did 5x400 with a slower recovery. Just couldn't do it.

So I'll just sleep and start over tomorrow. Early run planned to escape the heat.

In other news ... I hear the new Louisville Marathon/HM course for the fall is being finalized, so hopefully that will be up soon.

New Saucony Rides and Omnis are out now, FWIW. Hey, these things are important.


Ed Hammerbeck said...

That's the way to roll with a bad workout. Say, "oh well" and move on. Plus, from what I am reading lately, it takes a while for the body to adjust to the heat/humidity... like 14 days/workouts or something crazy like that. I know I am struggling hard with it.

Anyway. Props to you for doing proper intervals in the first place.

Tracy Lightfoot said...

Ugh, two weeks?! Supposed to be in the 90s the next few days. Miserable.

Mir said...

Don't sweat it too much (haha, sorry for terrible pun). You will acclimate! I agree with the above, I've heard it takes a couple weeks and this has been born out in experience. You'll get there. But man, yes, the heat does suck. It's hard enough work to sit on my bum!

Anonymous said...

i'm working on the best solution for me to acclimate...i get super-hot, super-fast...ugh...so one thing i'm doing is going later in the evening, plus i'm splitting my total in half so that i take a cooling break in between, then go back out later and go again...it helps, plus i have rocky with me, and he's a hundred pounds of black fur...poor little guy!