Sunday, June 15, 2008

67 Miles Later ...

Yup, I ran 67 miles last week. That included a 20 miler on Sunday and a 14 miler yesterday. Ready to back off this week a bit for this 10k on Saturday.

So I looked at the official results from the 5k I just did a couple of weeks ago ... And apparently I stopped my watch at the wrong time. I actually finished in 19:25, even faster than I had thought! Hopefully that positive development will carry me through this 10k, about which I'm feeling a little nervous.

I've actually only done one 10k ever, and that was last spring. I suppose it'll go alright. I should come close to 40 minutes, and I'm going to try like heck to break it.

Four weeks until the 50k!

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Anonymous said...

awesome, on both your mileage and your better 5k time!
rocky and i knocked out a couple miles yesterday, but i hit a crack in the sidewalk that i didn't realize dipped, and now it's time for serious ankle issues again (yup, landed on it w/the bad one)...guess i'll be bicycling more this week...good luck at the 10k!
love mom