Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another day, another run

ORN: 8.84 in 1:08, 7:43 pace. Ran the first 7 at closer to 7:20 pace, but then did the remainder as an easy cool down. Mucho tired; 46 miles since Sunday. Need another hour or so tomorrow, then another 10 miles Saturday. My first week at 60 miles, ever, and in 90-degree weather. Genius.


Mir said...

Whew, I'm sweating just thinking about. :) Great job on all those miles!

You mentioned you recognized my shoes--I am definitely a Mizuno fan now! I tried the brand out for the first time at Sunburst (new--only 40 miles on them before the race) and they were great. I still like my Saucony Guides, but these are definitely keepers as well.

Tracy Lightfoot said...

Oh goodness, have you had the new Guide yet? Exceptional shoe! I love my Mizunos because they are super-light, have less midsole and a little stiffer ride. I like to feel close to the pavement.