Sunday, April 5, 2009

"It's over!"

(Please read headline in voice of Teen Girl Squad from Homestar Runner.)

Ran 18 miles today. Great run. Guess my body just wanted this week to heal up some. Nothing hurt, nothing was bad -- I have zero complaints about today's run.

If you need a visual to accompany my report, here you go.

Diane talked me into starting at 8, even though we usually start at 9 on Sundays and I was hella sleepy when I got up at 7. Our plan was to run part of her upcoming marathon course, the part that crosses over the Second Street Bridge. You get to the base of the bridge at about 22.5 miles, then it's a long uphill, back down, a little loop around the base of the bridge, then back across. N.B.: yours truly is scared of bridges. It was an interesting portion of the run. Diane said she would see me speed up, check my Garmin, slow down for a few steps then speed back up. Oops.

It was a really well-executed run -- nice and hilly in the beginning, since we went from Seneca Park through Indian Hills to River Road. Then down River Road to downtown Louisville, across the bridge, back down Main Street, then the bike path back to Cherokee Park. Then directly to Panera for sandwiches!

The weather was even compliant; sunny and 46 at the start but close to 60 at the end. It could have just stayed around 50, but oh well. And my shins don't hurt at all, knock on wood.

Taper time!


Ed Hammerbeck said...

Yay, Teen Girl Squad! I'm a huge So-and-So fan. She's dreamy.

Anyway, I covet your taper-age. Next week.

And the bridge.... I confess my primary reason for hating running the bridge is my thoughts of jumping. Not that I'm suicidal, but it's like this sick little fantasy popping into my head. Like when you see somebody bending over and you just want to push them over. You never do it [at least I don't] but the Imp of the Perverse never leaves you alone.

Anonymous said...

gotta love teen girl squad!
bridges suck.
can we track you during the boston?
enjoy your taper time :)