Monday, August 30, 2010

Meals this week:

- Steak & parsnip fries
- Protein pasta casserole
- Curried red lentils & squash
- Black bean & avocado wraps

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Out of Commission

Well ... trace-pace will be on a running hiatus for a bit. Not that I've been blogging much, anyway. But that's because I've been running. And now I'm not supposed to run. So more time for blogging.

Finally got the lump on my shin looked at, after it had been there for something like six months. The stress fracture showed up on the x-ray, which I'm guessing is bad since they usually don't. The voicemail from my doctor said "absolutely no running" along with minimal weight-bearing. Pshaw.

The odd thing about this injury is that is has not hurt to run on it. I sometimes start out with a tightness in the muscles along the outside of my lower leg, the anterior tibialis et al., but nothing along the lines of a piercing stress-fracture pain I would expect. All my friends who have dealt with these have said it hurt too much to run. Mine hasn't. I knocked out 70 miles last week including 11 miles in racing flats.

My doctor suggested crutches, which are pretty much impossible at my job ... but who knows, I may end up in a boot. Cute.

Ortho Monday morning, we will see how that goes ...