Sunday, June 14, 2009

At-Home Ab Workout

If you don't do a lot of core, here's a workout routine I developed for my S/O ... No equipment required!

All motions should be done slowly, like a four-count for most motions.

  1. Leg circles (8 each way, counter-clockwise and clockwise, big circles and little circles, right leg and left leg)

  2. 12 Mini crunches

  3. 12 Twist crunches (each side)

  4. 12 Toe Dips (each side)

  5. 12 Windshield Wipers (each side)

  6. 12 Scissors (each side)

  7. Planks - repeat this segment 3 times, 30 seconds each

    • Forward plank

    • Left side plank

    • Right side plank

    • Bridge

Then repeat the entire routine 2-3 times total.

Difficulty can be increased by adding repetitions to each step. Also, lengthening the time of the planks will make them harder. Toe Dips can be done with one foot at a time for an easier variation; dip both toes at once for a more difficult way. The intensity of windshield wipers can be increased by extending the legs after rolling on to the hip (shoulders down!), keeping them extended back to perpendicular to the floor, then returning to chair before rolling to the other hip.

Sorry for no images, I'm sure all these can be googled if you're unfamiliar with them.