Tuesday, April 29, 2008


One week later things are feeling right as rain. Last week I plodded through a 4 mile run on Wednesday and a 5 mile run on Friday (and those are generous mileages, it's entirely possible they were shorter) - not a great deal of pain, but my legs steadfastly refused to work in a normal fashion.

Sunday, though, I got in 8 miles at 8:45 pace, which is a little slower than usual but felt really easy. No complaints. We were dragging a friend's boyfriend along, who hadn't run more than 6 miles ever, so we have to account for that, too. Cherokee's unforgiving 8 mile loop may have been a little unfair.

Yesterday I began my life as a gym-goer. I've always been skeptical of joining a gym, but I finally did it. The damage Boston did to my quads made me decide some weight lifting was definitely in order. I want to strengthen my core, too, so yesterday found me in pilates and yoga classes. My abs hurt this morning, which I like. Tomorrow I have a consult with a trainer to start developing a routine to strengthen legs, arms and core three times a week. I'm going to be super-strong!

Just 22 miles scheduled for this week, easing back into things. Nothing major going on until the end of the month, when I'll make my first serious sub-20 5k attempt.


Ed Hammerbeck said...

Yeah, we are going to join the YMCA tomorrow. I have notions of working on my core there. [They have better child care by a factor of 47 than the JCC, where we go now.] I also have notions of swimming laps and doing a tri in the late summer/fall, but we all have our fantasies.

Anonymous said...

and now that i'm finally "cleared" to resume upper body lifting, i'll be working my arms and be super-strong too! unlike ed, my fantasy isn't to do a tri, but to NOT look like i've had kids...need lots of ab work here!