Saturday, April 26, 2008

Post Boston!

Wow, I thought for sure I'd be able to consistently post on here, and I was wrong.

A recap:

- Boston = hard. Don't think I'd recommend it as a second marathon -- you should get a couple under your belt first.
- PR'ing at Boston = very hard. I scraped a minute off, barely. My friend Heather brought hers down by six minutes, which is incredible.
- Wear sunscreen and sunglasses even if the weather seems inappropriate for such. It might change.
- Wear a sports bra and shorts. Deal with being cold. Before mile 10, you'll be warm. If it's still too cold, you should have picked a different race.

I ran a 3:32:01, which re-qualifies me for Boston in 2009, so I could run no more marathons this year if I so desired. Or totally bomb the one I'm planning for in the fall. (Hey, Miranda, I think it's the same as you. Party in the hizzy.) Either way, it put me in the top third of the field ... a field of amazing runners. I should be happy, although I had hoped for better and am still a little disappointed. Hopefully some goal-reaching in some upcoming shorter races will even things out.

The women's olympic trials were incredible. I want that. Watching those awesome ladies made me reaffirm my desire to work my tush off to get there in 2012. Only 180 women qualified for the last go-round.

Awesome job on those who ran in Louisville today, and good luck to everyone going to Cincinnati next week!

More later. Really.


Mir said...

From all I've read about running Boston, any PR there is an AWESOME one. You did great, and I bet you'll surprise yourself next time out.

It would be awesome to meet up at a marathon! Or any race. I have a feeling it will happen this year, one way or another. :)

I hope you enjoyed your weekend in Boston, and some well-earned downtime afterwards!

Tracy Lightfoot said...

Richmond, Mill Race ... our paths will cross sometime!

Anonymous said...

i think you did AWESOME even when i saw your time was a little over what you that i've survived the mini, i'm going back to shorter races myself to keep strengthening the ankle.
luv ya!

Ed Hammerbeck said...

Effing amazing. You rock! I wondered how you did.