Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Boston countdown begins

Wow, back to blogging ... I've been thinking about getting this thing going again, and I'm finally going to do it.

Quick updates:
  • Ran Evansville HM in October, worst race of my career, 1:31:28, fifth female
  • Ran Memphis Marathon in December, good solid race, 3:15:08, 20th female
  • Boston coming up in about seven weeks, April 20!

I'm not putting in big mileage like I was before Memphis, but I'm content so far. I've gotten rid of a lot of easy miles I was doing and replaced them with more quality workouts. We'll see if that makes a difference.

My first 20 mile run of the training block was this past Sunday. I ran with a good group of people (Steve, Rebekah, Dave and Craig, plus Kelly for the first hour), and Steve and I stayed together through 5 tempo-ish miles from 13-18. It's nice to have company. After doing two 18s and a 20 in consecutive weekends, I'm excited to cutback to 15 or so this weekend.

Yesterday, for my post-20 miler recovery day, I did an hour of pilates and an hour of yoga, with a two-mile shakeout sandwiched between. In the evening I did 5.25 easy miles with Diane, which was just enough time to catch up on our weekend adventures.

Today is repeat two-milers, three of them. Will post later on that!


Ed Hammerbeck said...

I've been reading Running to Win by George Sheehan, and he makes a compelling pace for less quantity [miles] and more quality [specific training goal per workout]. He suggests, in essence, running less overall but making each run count for something -- endurance or speed. He had some compelling ideas. Of course he says he ran every day and raced every weekend, so the man may have been bonkers.

Mike G said...

Well most of the intense elite runners are completely bonkers Ed. Honestly to get where they are they have to be. Did you read in runner's world last year about how Dean Karnazes ran 50 marathons in 50 days? Nuts. But the fun kind of nuts.

With a name like Lightfoot, you maam should be running and blogging about it. Please keep it up. Godspeed.