Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lessoned learned

Do not help your friend move her entire second floor apartment across town to a third floor apartment, in a four hour move-stravaganza, then go for a long run. Bad idea. I could tell early on I was tired -- who knows how many stairs I climbed, plus I didn't get lunch -- but was alright until around mile 15. It was those last three that weren't much fun.

And talk about not fun -- should have seen me on Monday. My arms (where I have recurring bouts of tendonitis in my wrists and arms from typing) were amazingly sore, so much so I couldn't hold a pen. My back hurt, my neck hurt, my legs hurt. I hobbled around like an 80-year-old woman all day.

So Monday became the logical off day, especially since my work schedule shifted a little this week. Tuesday I banged out 10x400 with 400 recoveries, all of which I ran faster than I thought I would, averaging 1:31 for the efforts.

I have two more 20 milers left, one this weekend and one March 29, as part of Papa John's 10 miler. Just under six weeks to go until Boston!


Ed Hammerbeck said...

Dang. I sorta had that experience on "chainsaw day" weekend-before-last. I ran a fast [for me] 5k, then I handled a very heavy power tool and heaved logs around for 3 hours. Afterward, I felt like I had been in a wood chipper. I need to work on my upper body I guess.

Anonymous said...

yikes...! i'm helping trena move next week, but it's after our store run, not before :) otherwise i'd probably stroke out...hehe