Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I <3 Mizuno

I got my apparel shipment last week, which took the better part of the day to go through - since, obviously, I needed to try on every piece. Shorts, capris, sleeveless tanks, shimmels, t-shirts ... And it all matches!

My stepdaughter started track this week, too, which I'm very excited about. She's never been on a sports team, so I commend her for picking up a sport as a high school freshman. Even if she doesn't like track, I hope it encourages her to try other things.

I am deep, deep in training right now -- probably doing a little too much. I haven't taken a day off in 11 days, but I think it's time for one. I was feeling okay until Monday, when my legs were just kind of sluggish. They weren't any better at speed session last night, which was discouraging. So probably an easy run today and Friday, with Thursday off.

Pretty hard run coming up, as my training group tackles the Iroquois "Hard 10" loop on Saturday and follows it up with an 18 miler on Sunday.


Ed Hammerbeck said...

Congratulations on getting free stuff. There's nothing sweeter than that. Have fun Saturday. We are probably going outlet shopping in Indiana, so I will have to find some way of keeping my commitment that doesn't involve a treadmill or running around a Super 8 parking lot for two hours.

Mir said...

Wow, I'm jealous! :)

Good luck to your stepdaughter in track, I hope she enjoys herself. Good luck with the training this week!