Monday, November 23, 2009

Spring Marathon Shopping

Since I neglected to register for Boston before it filled up, it looks like I will be running a spring marathon elsewhere. Standard marathon parameters apply: not too far, not too expensive, not too hilly. Enough people that I'm not by myself the whole time. If I wanted to run 26 miles by myself, I'd do it at home.

If there's any races you know of that I should consider, or if you have opinions on any of these, please let me know. Currently under consideration are: Shamrock Virginia Beach, Knoxville, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Nashville and Cleveland.

More updates on this as I start to narrow it down!


Anonymous said...

NJ Marathon (early May), my chosen 2010 spring race, is described by a running acquaintance as "PR in a box." I've run the half there twice. It's an incredibly fast course if you get it on the right day (meaning not rainy or windy). It's also enough people to give you a crowd and some people to run with, but not too crowded.

Since there's no prize money, it's also not terribly competitive (the winning female time is usually high 2:5Xs.

But finding accomodations can be a bitch as they fill up quickly. I stay at the Holiday Inn Express in West Long Branch.

I passed on Virginia Beach as it can be very windy. I'm looking at Buffalo as a backup to NJ.

Tracy Lightfoot said...

Right now Cleveland is winning I think.