Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MUM training, week 4 (of 12)

Better late than never on this post. You know, 85 mpw and a 40-hour work week doesn't leave much time for anything else.

Very solid week, I'm surprised by how good I still feel. Thursday should have been my tempo run, but with no company and little motivation, I decided to switch Thursday and Friday ... then Friday rolled around and I still didn't feel like doing it, so we did cutbacks instead. Still useful I think. Really, I just hate tempo runs. I will dodge out of them whenever I think I can.

The weather last week was incredible; several mornings were in the 50-degree range. Beeee-utiful. Now it's back to mid-60s, humid and high dewpoints. Not fun.

That's on all this week.

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Julie said...

I hate tempo runs too. Which I interpret to indicate that I need to do more of them. One trick is to do some of them as races, which at least provides some distraction from the unpleasantness.