Sunday, August 9, 2009

Here we go

Tomorrow officially begins the 12-week block for the Marshall University Marathon. Which means all you lovely people can resume reading absolute nonsense about my training. Lucky, lucky.

I hit 63 miles for each of the past two weeks, which is awesomely high for me this early in training. I've never gone over 75 mpw, and I don't think I've ever held 70+ for more than a couple weeks at a stretch. So, boys and girls, we'll see what happens. The current schedule has me at 85 mpw at the end of this month and rising, with no backing down till game time. Possible outcomes:

  • Body responds nicely, run very fast

  • Overtrain and wear myself out, run mediocre considering training

  • Implode/break something and not make it to the starting line

That's what makes running a fun game, right? Because you have no freaking idea which of the three will happen.

Today's run was 14 miles with 2x10 minute tempo, made even more delightful by 80 degree temperatures and a 74 degree dew point. Yuck. Aside from that, it wasn't too bad because I like having runs broken up into chunks like that.

Okay, that's all for now. More on training philosophy this time around to follow.

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Anonymous said...

I like breaking my runs down into a series of shorter runs throughout the day when it's this hot and humid, plus I throw in a few miles on the bike through the neighborhood in place of a segment just to make sure the mileage is there...good luck in training!