Monday, May 5, 2008

Flying pigs!

A short but huge shout-out for my friends and running pals Rebekah and Nikki, who ran at Flying Pig this weekend.

Rebekah grabbed her Boston qualifier on a long course, due to a detour for a fire at mile 22. The on-the-fly rerouting made the course unofficially some 400-600 meters long, with a lot of runners on pins and needles waiting to find out if they'll get adjusted time to BQ. Fortunately, there's no worries for Bek, who's chip time was 3:38:38! We are curious to see what her official time ends up being -- probably somewhere in the 3:36 range. She ran an awesome race.

Nikki ran her first half-marathon with no walking on an iffy knee in 1:52, exactly the 8:30 pace she wanted. She's made a ton of progress in the past few months!

So our group is marathoned out until the fall ... not including this lil' 50k we're doing in July!

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