Sunday, July 22, 2007

Saturday run report

Wow, 16 miles is a long way. It always amazes me how far you can go when running -- Louisville is a very car-based city, and it's weird to realize I could get to places on foot. Our Saturday run started at Seneca Park, looped through Seneca and Cherokee, then took off on a bike path I didn't know existed. We followed the path down to River Road, then went along River Road to the old train bridge, then came back. It was really neat.

One bonus was all the water fountains and restrooms in Waterfront Park, which made the middle third of the run much more comfortable.

Today we did 50 minutes, almost entirely on trails, which was great.

My Precisions are just glorious; no blisters, no pain, no nothing. Just pure running pleasure.

I'm in Louisville until Thursday, then I'll spend the next 10 days running in Michigan, where it doesn't look like it will break 80 the entire time.

I'll definitely miss my running gals while I'm there, but I do have some scenic runs coming up. The White Pine Trail runs from just south of my in-laws' house all the way to Cadillac, almost 100 miles. My first Saturday in Michigan I'm planning a 16.4 run on the trail, which will be great.

That's all for now!


tina said...

what a hoot...i am always amazed at the parts of louisville that are sort of connected, a fact i happily discovered from running the papa johns and the mini...seneca and cherokee to waterfront doesn't even seem possible, but it's sooo different in a car! the trail in michigan looks great! i'm envious but excited for you at the same time! moe and i are trying to come up with ways to keep our cardio in tact over our healing time...

tina said...

so how is the trail in michigan? can't wait to hear all about it! doc said friday 3-4 months before i can consider easy running again provided everything heals properly...could be ready to run the first leg of the polar bear grand prix, maybe something a bit earlier :)

tina said...

so how far is a 15K and 30K, respectively? I'm guessing 15K just under 13.1...
what are your long runs up to now?